Friday, June 21, 2013

ADL detected more, less devices GPUs than OpenCL

Can't see all GPUs when mining

Where:  #bitcoinmining with #gentoo and radeon hardware.  AMD fglrx drivers.

What:  bfgminer, cgminer giving an error because it can't see both GPU

"ADL found less devices than OpenCL!
There is possibly more than one display attached to a GPU
Use the GPU map feature reliably map Opencl to ADL
WARNING The number of Opencl and ADL devices did not match!
Hardware monitoring may not match up with devices!"

Why:  You can't enable Xinerama if you want to mine with all your cards.  If you enabled Xinerama in CCCLE, go back in and turn it off.  You can use clinfo or bfgminer -n, to see which GPUs are available.  You may run into this while experimenting with multiple monitor setups.  I have also read that attaching more than one monitor to a card will cause its memory clock to stay at full speed.

Makin' bitcoins

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  1. Mick,

    I had the same problem for a week. cgminer -d would not provide info on 3 of my 4 GPUs. Also, ATICONFIG and AMDCONFIG would not provide temps and clock info for the 3 GPUs with --odgc or --odgt options.

    I was able to fix it by reinstalling CGMINER-3.7.2 and adding the '--disable-adl' option. per the README file, this option overrides detection and disables building with adl. Also, don't use don't use 'make check' and 'make installcheck' to check the binaries before and after installation. For me, this caused the install to fail.

    After using --disable-adl, ATICONFIG, AMDCONFIG (gives same info) and CGMINER -n all could sense the temps of my four GPUs. It took me a frustrating week to figure this out. Hope this helps...

    By the way, I have the following:
    Mobo: Asrock 970 Extreme4
    CPU: AMD Sempron
    GPUs: four XFX HD R7850s with 1GB Ram each
    RAM: Kingston DDR3 4GBs
    PSU: AZZA Titan 1000W 80+ Bronze
    OS: Debian 7.4.0 kfreebsd amd64 image

    BTC: 1Bu95yRk1qYYZQEUJfTsXffgWMwYVnxReh

    LTC: LZ3LMa4fLHWdHR9CdGNdjc4ci43Bye3uU4

    DOGEC: D8f2VNh7qJowYnMvG9oVJmm1kc8DMdf2tQ